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Thai Fusion Restaurant
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    One Waan is just the spot where you could relax with anyone you love and recall all full of joys in the past days. Let One Waan be your joyful place with sweeping views of the city, contemporary interior design, great service and of course the dedicated Thai fusion dishes by Chef Alex.

    Chef Alex really pays attention to the all ingredients. He uses fresh young chicken from premium Mountaire. It's a black label products that hand trimmed with 99% fat free. Beef used in One Waan kitchen is the Angus flap meat at the bottom sirloin butt. He uses center cut pork chops that are the richer, darker piece of tenderloin. Black tiger shrimp, "King of Prawns" is the ingredient that Alex selected. The texture and taste is just make dishes perfectly tasty.

    Definitely the best selected ingredients are for the best quality that will bring naturally extra flavor with appealing presentation by chef Alex.

One Waan Khao Soi

Restaurant & Bar

Hours & Location


2922 Diamond St.

San Francisco, CA 94131

Phone: 415-586-6742


WE CLOSE FROM 9/04/2023

Will RESUME 9/05/2023


11.30 am - 3 pm

4.30 pm - 9 pm.

Sunday Closed

What People Say 

Exotic Bomba

Barry McNamara

The restaurant serves very nicely played and delicious dishes. I highly recommend dining in. The delightful Fried rice is amazing.

Volcanic Mojito

Hae-Lim Minus

OMG! I think the quality of the food has actually gotten even better since the pandemic! The veggies are fresh and the oil used for the crispy roll are fresh. 

Tom Yum Fried Rice #greens #white #red #chili #california #fried #rice #healthyfood #yummy

Derek Ocasio

The best Thai food! My wife and I have had since going to Thailand! The staff was amazing as well!

Yellow & Black Modern Company Profile Presentation (5).png

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